Experian ID

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q1: What is Experian ID?

A: This is a service that allows you to confirm who you are to a number of organisations by only having to enter your details once rather than having to enter these details online every time.

Q2: When I registered for an Experian ID as part of the GOV.UK Verify scheme, why did you ask for so much information?

A: We follow the standards laid down by GOV.UK that govern the way we verify peoples’ identities and this means that we have to ensure your identity exists and it’s really you registering. This protects you from being impersonated by someone else pretending to be you.

Q3: Why haven’t you been able to verify my identity?

A: Due to the sensitive nature of the information we hold about you, we have a number of rigorous identity checks which are completed when you apply to see your Experian Credit Score. There are a few reasons which may stop us from being able to verify your identity; for example:

  • There may be too little information held about you. For example, if you’ve recently moved house it can take a while for electoral roll records to be updated and for lenders and utility providers to update us with your new details.
  • You may have answered the verification questions incorrectly without realising. For example, you could have entered a nickname and not your full name.

Q4: I have lived at the same address for many years and you cannot verify my identity as part of the GOV.UK Verify scheme. Why is this?

A: The evidence we use includes the content of your Experian credit file. We may also ask for passport, driving licence, credit card, debit and current account details. If you do not have this type of evidence, even though you have lived at your address for many years we have no other ways of establishing this.

Q5: My identity has not been verified. What do I do next?

A: You could go back to the organisation providing the service you were trying to get and select Experian to log in. You may then arrive at the point you left off and be able to carry on with the verification process.

Please note - when you attempt answer the questions we ask it is best to have the correct information to hand rather than guess.

If you still cannot get through the process successfully then the organisation may have an alternative method for you to prove your identity to them.

Government services using GOV.UK Verify should have alternative arrangements.

Q6: Will I have to pay for the Experian ID?

A: No - there will be no charge to you to register for the service and no charge to you to use the service to prove your identity.

Q7: Will you share my Experian ID information with anyone?

A: You will be in control of who you share your personal details as it is only shared with an organisation as a direct result of you using your Experian ID.

Q8: Do I need to tell you when my Experian ID information changes?

A: Yes - this is to make sure your personal details are as up to date as possible and is designed to protect you - so, for example, if you move house you should update your details.

Q9: Is the identity check, undertaken as part of the Experian ID registration, a credit reference check?

A: No - the identity check is not a credit reference check.

Q10: Does having an identity check affect my credit rating?

A: No - the identity check does not affect your credit rating.

Q11: If I use my Experian ID will this affect my credit rating

A: No.

Q12: Will my credit information be passed to anyone when I use my Experian ID?

A: No - the Experian ID does not hold credit information and cannot pass your credit information to anyone.

Q13: Will my bank find out that I have applied for something with another organisation?

No - if you use your Experian ID to provide your identity to an organisation, no information will be passed to your bank or be made available for your bank to access.

Q14: In the Identity check section in Registration, why are you asking me personal questions about my financial matters?

A: When you first register for an Experian ID we need to prove who you are and we need to make sure it's you and not someone pretending to be you. In order to do this we ask you questions that only you would know the answers to. These questions are based on information that you have previously agreed to share. For example, if you agreed to share information when you took out a mobile phone contract, we will be able to ask you who your mobile phone contract is with and know the correct answer.

By answering these questions correctly, this confirms that it is really you.

Q15: Do the answers to the personal questions you ask in the Identity check section get passed to anyone?

A: No - we do not pass any of the answers you give on to anyone.

Q16: Can I close my Experian ID when I want to?

A: Yes - whenever you want to. You can close it online via the Manage Your Experian ID facility. The link is contained within the welcome email we would have sent you. Alternatively, you can call the Experian ID helpdesk and close it. The helpdesk agent will ensure that it's really you that is requesting the closure before any action is taken.

Q17: Why do I need to tell you my email address?

A: Linking your email address to your Experian ID will make it more secure. If you tell us that you have forgotten your user name, for example, we will send you a reminder by email.

Q18: Why do I need to tell you my mobile phone number?

A: Linking your mobile phone to your Experian ID will make it more secure as it could be used to contact you about a security issue.

Q19: Will you give my mobile number to other organisations that will sell me things?

A: No - we will only pass your personal details to the organisations that you choose to use your Experian ID with.

Q20: Why do I need a user name and password?

A: The username allows us to identify your Experian ID. The password tells us that it's you that is logging in using your Experian ID.

Q21: What is the memorable word for?

A: The memorable word gives us even more confidence that it's you logging in. The memorable word is created by you. You can also set up a 'hint' to help remind you what the memorable word is.

Q22: What should I do if someone gets to know my user name and password?

A: You can call the Experian ID helpdesk and ask for your Experian ID to be suspended. The helpdesk agent will ensure that it's really you that is requesting the closure before any action is taken.

Q23: I am a registered Victim of Fraud with Experian - will I be asked for my password/why haven't I been asked for my password?

A: Your password is generally used when other parties are accessing your Experian held data, with your permission. In this service it is Experian who is doing the checking and we are using stringent measures to validate your identity. We might not ask you for the password if you are a Victim of Fraud, but we may ask numerous questions and do other checks to ensure that it is really you applying.

Q24: How do I recover my password if I forget it?

A: If you have forgotten your username or password, you can recover it online through the Experian ID login screen. Alternatively, you can call the Experian ID helpdesk and ask for a password re-set. The helpdesk agent will ensure that it’s really you that is requesting the password re-set before any action is taken. The Experian ID helpdesk phone number and opening times can be found on the Contact Us page (see link at bottom of each Experian ID screen).

Q25: How do you check my passport or drivers licence via the Experian ID app?

A: We send a copy of your passport or drivers licence image to our document verification experts who will check the document. Only the images captured via the app are sent for checking. The scan of your document is not retained by the app or on your device. When the checks are complete, you will be sent an email asking you to log back in to Experian ID to continue the process.

Some additional information about Experian ID

Experian has been a trusted provider of data services for many years and has gained a vast array of experience in providing solutions that provide our Clients with confidence that the identity asserted by their customers is as stated. This service expands that service to provide individuals with a mechanism to gain a trusted identity that can be provided to those organisations they wish to do business with, without the inconvenience of offline checks on identity being required.